When the locals don’t like your food, there’s a better alternative

Stuff foodstuff manufacturers are increasingly moving to Auckland’s south coast to create their own brands of products.

But in the process, they’re also changing the way Aucklanders shop.

In an effort to promote local produce, a group of local food companies has launched an online marketplace called al majed, or homemade foodstuffs.

The website offers people the opportunity to buy products made with local ingredients, such as locally sourced chicken, vegetables and spices, as well as the products made by other food manufacturers.

For example, if a local supplier produces a product for sale on the website, then you can buy it from their shop.

And if you’re buying products made in Australia, then it will also be available in Australia.

Foodstuffs New Zealand’s chief executive, Scott Thomsen, said the idea behind al majeds was to bring the local experience to the internet.

“We’re really hoping to connect with people, and give them a better sense of what’s out there.”

There’s a lot of food stuff that’s made locally that’s not available in other places, so it’s really about finding local products that are more local to Auckland and making them available.

“The website also offers a marketplace for farmers to sell their produce.

But as well, people can buy their own produce and share it with others, which is how al majes is working its way through the local food supply chain.

There are over 4,000 products available, including local fruits and vegetables, fruit and spices and a variety of spices and homemade goods, like the chicken and tomato sauce from a local farmer.

The site has also launched a small online shop called the al maje supermarket, which offers a variety and prices of products that customers can buy for their own use.

The store is open from 7am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on weekends.

The Al Majed supermarket has an online shop and mobile app.

Mr Thomseng said it was the first time a food company had launched a mobile shop in Auckland.”

The local farmers are really excited about this, because we’ve had a lot to work with over the last couple of years.

“They’ve been working with us to build up our local supply chain so that we can have more local produce available in the market.”

Foodstuff New Zealand chief executive Scott Thamseng said local farmers were excited to be able to sell produce to their customers online.

The local foodstuff producers are hoping to open up the marketplace to anyone in the Auckland area.

“This is really just an experiment, but we’re hoping that it will help our farmers in the future,” he said.

Foodstuff New Zealand has also partnered with local farmers in Victoria and Queensland to offer some of their produce online.

Al majed will also have a cafe at the site, where people can get a good taste of local foods.

FoodStuffs New Zealand Chief Executive, Michael Mokwena, said there were a lot more local foods in the local market than the supermarkets were offering.

“A lot of people don’t really understand that there are a lot different types of foods out there that we’re really just getting to know.”

I think the idea is to help people understand that what we do here in New Zealand is really quite unique, it’s not just a supermarket product that people buy in a supermarket.

“Foodstuff Wellington’s chief chef, Tim Poulter, said it wasn’t the first food store in New York City to offer its products online.”

It’s just something we’ve been doing for a while now.

I think it’s just another opportunity for people to experience what the city is like in terms of food.”

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