Why do people buy so much foodstuff?

By now, everyone has heard of foodstuffs, and what they are.

The concept of foodstuff has evolved over the years, from the humble cereal box to the ubiquitous snack bar, but the term foodstuff is still relatively new.

In this episode, we talk to food and nutritionist and food writer, David Katz, to understand what makes foodstuff a popular consumer item.

Katz is a co-author of the new book The Food Industry: How It Works and How to Get It Right, which explains the basics of the food industry.

In the first part of our conversation, we discuss how the food and beverage industries have developed, how the industry works, and how foodstamp purchases influence people’s consumption.

We also talk about the latest food trends and the new food brands.

Katzzz also teaches a food science class at the University of Southern California, and is a regular panelist on Food Network’s Food Matters.

In addition to his work as a nutritionist, Katz is also an associate professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

In this episode of TechCrunch Live, we dive deep into the foodstuffed debate.

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