Why is there a shortage of fresh food in the United States?

A new report says we’re not producing enough fresh produce.

The Food Policy Institute has found that the U.S. is currently in the middle of a shortage that affects the economy, families, and the environment.

“We’ve never had a shortage like this,” says the institute’s director, Rachel Auerbach.

“We’re at a critical moment.

We’ve got a growing population, we’ve got more than half of the population growing up, we have a rising number of middle-aged and older people, we’re seeing a rising tide of chronic illness, and we’re also seeing an aging population.”

Auerbeck is an economist at the institute who has spent the last three years looking at the growing crisis in food.

She says that for the last 30 years, the country has had a lot of food production that was produced from grain and grains from other grains, but now it’s becoming increasingly difficult to grow food without relying on foreign imports.

“Food producers have been able to maintain their profits, but they’ve lost their ability to compete on price,” Auerbaum says.

“So the question that comes to me every time I see a new report is: What’s going on with this food supply?”

She says that as the U in the last decade has seen the rise of new crop varieties and better technology, the cost of food has increased.

“If you have a new technology that’s costing $30 to $50 more than what you’ve had for the past 20 years, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cost has gone up.

It means that we’re losing money,” she says.

Auerbeys report finds that the country’s grain industry has been in a slump for years, and she’s been working with farmers in her area to address the problem.

“I’ve been able in my own area to get grain prices down by about 50 percent, and that’s what’s happening in the country,” she said.

“They’re seeing the price of grain going up, but the cost is going down.”

According to Auerbaes report, in 2011 the U had approximately 7 billion pounds of wheat, which was worth $15.3 billion at the time.

But in 2016, that amount has dropped to $1.9 billion, or less than half that amount in 2011.

“It’s not just a matter of grain,” she continued.

“It’s a matter the cost per pound of grain is going up and the price is going away, and so the costs of production are going up.

We need to find ways to make sure that we don’t just go back to a situation where you’re making a buck from grain.”

But not everyone agrees with Auerbes report.

“There are people who say, ‘No, you can’t do this, we don.

We don’t have the capacity,'” said Jim DeSantis, president of the Iowa State Federation of Agriculture.

DeSants says that there are other reasons why farmers might not want to invest in a new crop.

“They’re not able to find new acreage.

They’re not seeing that yield increases.

They may have to take a loan to make it happen,” he said.

But he says the biggest problem is the shortage of farmers.

“You’ve got people who have been working hard for their fields for decades.

But they’re being forced out.

They don’t want to take on the risk of taking a risk that they may lose their farm and have to go back,” he says.”

But then you’ve got the other side of the coin.

You’ve got farmers who are trying to find other land, and they’re not getting that land, so they’re taking on that risk.”

DeSantis says that he thinks that if there was more research on the issue, farmers might be more comfortable spending money to buy new farmland.

“In my opinion, the people who are putting money into the crop business and putting money in their farm should do so with a sense of urgency,” he concluded.

But, he says that a lot can happen before farmers are able to start planting again.

“Some people are not buying land.

They want to buy a tractor or something else,” he explains.”

Others are trying and they are making a living, but then they’re just getting in the way of the other part of the business.”

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