Australia’s foodstuff is not the healthiest

Australia’s health problems are more complex and more complex to manage, according to a new report that highlights Australia’s high prevalence of food allergies and an unmet need for food allergy medicine.

The report, from the Australian Institute of Food and Drink (AIFD), says the country’s health is in danger of becoming a global food crisis.

It was commissioned by the Australian Society of Nutrition, which says Australia has the world’s highest prevalence of allergy problems, with around 4.6 million people living with food allergies.

Health problems are also higher in some communities and the number of people with food allergy problems is growing faster than the population overall.

The AIFD report found Australia has one of the highest rates of food allergy disease in the world.

More than 30 per cent of Australians have a food allergy.

The average cost of treating a food allergies sufferer is around $200.

The cost of a life-threatening allergy can run up to $300,000.

The most common food allergies are: hay fever

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