What’s the worst that could happen to your bacon?

The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) has released a new report that looks at bacon’s impact on the environment, public health and the health of the general public.

The ACSH says that the US has the largest concentration of bacon in the world, but it has not been eating a lot of it.

It said that it’s the only type of bacon that has no nutritional value and has the potential to have a significant negative impact on food and the environment.

“Bacon is the worst type of food waste and one of the largest food-related problems that we face,” said David Wertheimer, ACSH vice president of food and agriculture.

“If we were to switch to less bacon, it would take us to about a quarter of our current food production and consumption, but we would still be consuming far more bacon than we need to.”

The problem is not just bacon.

We also eat many other foods that contain less bacon and those foods are not included in our FAO’s goal of zero meat consumption.

“This is a problem because the more bacon we consume, the more we are putting into the environment and the more harmful chemicals we are releasing into the atmosphere.”

That’s why we need a radical shift in our food habits and we need bacon to be part of that.

“According to the ACSH, about 40 percent of the world’s bacon comes from non-pork products such as butter, cheese and sour cream, and another 20 percent comes from animal products such to eggs, pork and poultry.

However, the report says that bacon has the highest concentration of residues in our waste stream, with approximately a third of all bacon being “salt” from cooking bacon.”

Pork is by far the largest source of bacon residues in the food waste stream.

It is the second largest source after chicken and eggs, but pork has a much higher concentration of residue than any other food source, and the average waste weight per pound of bacon is more than 40 percent higher than poultry,” said Dr Wertheim.”

While this is not necessarily bad news, it does mean that the problem with bacon is a lot worse than we initially thought,” he added.”

We need to be more careful about the way we use bacon because it can be harmful and we want to be able to eat less bacon than is safe for human consumption.

“Dr Wertmann said bacon consumption was not only being wasted in the US, but also in the European Union, which he said was responsible for the vast majority of bacon waste.”EU governments have been working hard to limit the use of bacon, and we have a good relationship with our European neighbours,” he said.”

Unfortunately, they are not doing enough to reduce the use.

The situation is not going to improve in the next few years.


ACSH’s findings are based on the ACASH Global Database, which provides information about the global bacon waste problem and also provides a comprehensive overview of all food waste.

The report says the number of tonnes of waste per capita is at its lowest level in more than a decade, and it has seen a rise in consumption.

It says the total volume of waste is about 10 percent of total annual food production, and that it is the highest in nearly 40 years.

The average consumption per person is down about 6 percent compared with 2015, the ACHS said, and there are increasing concerns about the impact of the bacon waste on the food supply chain.”

Although we have seen a significant reduction in the number and amount of bacon consumed, the trend is still a decline and is projected to continue,” said Prof Werthel.”

In the past year, the average amount of meat consumed per person has dropped by 7 percent from the previous year.

This is because of increased awareness about bacon, increased awareness of its environmental impact and the need to avoid overuse,” he continued.”

However, there is a risk that these trends could reverse and that the consumption of bacon will increase again.

“Even though consumption of pork has been dropping, the number is still higher than that of poultry and eggs.

There is also increasing concern about the environmental impacts of the pork industry, particularly on the US pork production chain.

The United States has the second-highest number of bacon farms in the OECD, with more than 20,000 in operation, and production in the pork business is responsible for nearly a quarter, or more than 1.7 million tonnes, of waste, according to the OECD.”

The ACHS report also pointed to the increasing use of genetically modified crops and the increase in animal feed production as contributing to the increase.

“A major contributor to the current bacon waste issue is the introduction of GM crops and feed for livestock.

Many feedlot operations are being phased out in favour of feed from GM crops, which have a lower impact on animals and the environmental footprint,” said Mr Wertheimer

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