A Slate review of “Jana” (2018)

A review of Jana, a new film from filmmaker Jason DeMarco, is in order.

While there’s no shortage of delicious foodstuffs, the film focuses on the way foodstamps distort the nature of a person’s daily lives and how this affects their ability to function in the real world.

Jana is a documentary about foodstamp abuse.

(A more nuanced look at the film and the film’s subject can be found in the video above.)

The film begins with a montage of foodstamping scenes that are jarring and confusing.

There’s a scene where a kid in the film, named Jana (Amy Schumer), is shopping for lunch and is told that her parents have given her two hundred dollars to eat her lunch, and that she will be able to afford her meal if she goes shopping.

She then goes to the grocery store, picks up a large bag of pasta, and brings it to the table.

The scene ends with the kid, who is a little hungry, saying, “That’s it?

You got to go eat your lunch.”

And Jana replies, “No, no.

I have to eat my lunch.”

When this happens, the viewer can see how this is not a very clear cut case of food stamp abuse.

If Jana were the one who had to eat, she would probably not be able and wouldn’t be able as much as she did.

But, because of her parents’ lack of funds, she had to go hungry.

In the film she is shown trying to buy her lunch in the grocery stores, and in one scene, she is able to buy food for herself but not a lot of it.

The film does a good job of showing the ways in which food stamps distort the lives of people living with disabilities and how these distort their daily lives.

The movie also does a decent job of explaining how these distortions affect people with mental illness and other medical conditions, which is a major point of contention in the discussion around the movie.

In addition, the movie does a great job of illustrating how food stamps create an environment where people with disabilities are often isolated, which can result in feelings of hopelessness.

For example, one scene shows a homeless man trying to figure out what to do with his food stamp money after he finds out that his food stamps have expired.

This man has been living in the woods for the last two years, and he can’t even get his food into the grocery.

He doesn’t even know how to get around.

He has to use a piece of wood as a makeshift ladder to get up and out of the woods.

This scene is extremely upsetting to watch, because it shows that even people who can access their foodstamped money find it difficult to get it out of their food stamps, and they are not able to move on to food other than what they can afford.

In a recent HuffPost/YouGov poll, 64 percent of Americans said they think food stamps “create an environment in which people with disability can’t be healthy and successful,” while 22 percent said they “create a culture of dependence and lack of responsibility.”

The film also provides a nice reminder of how the effects of food stamps can have a very negative effect on people with physical disabilities.

A child with a heart condition, for example, cannot use his wheelchair to get from the grocery to the hospital.

When he is hungry, he has to eat food that isn’t very nutritious and is not made with vegetables.

If he is trying to get the money to buy lunch, he can barely eat his lunch.

The same goes for his parents.

They don’t have the money for a regular lunch.

They have to make up the difference for a meal.

As a result, they end up eating a lot less of the food they need to eat.

The documentary also offers a very important lesson for parents.

The parents of a disabled child, when they are forced to make the decision to take food stamps out of pocket, have a clear choice to make: They can either take the money out and starve or they can use the money wisely to feed their child.

The filmmakers in Jana show how this choice can have serious consequences for the family.

The filmmaker’s father is a former postal worker and has worked as a cashier in a Walmart for the past decade.

The father of a family with a disabled kid is unable to do his job, and the father of another disabled kid, has to go back to work to make ends meet.

This father is worried about his family’s health.

He is worried that his daughter will go hungry, or that he won’t be allowed to have a normal life.

The parent of a student with a disability says, “My son has asthma and needs to take a medicine that has a high chance of causing serious problems.

He can’t afford it.”

The parent who works in a food pantry says, “[My son] can’t walk. He

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