How to buy the right football boots

FOOTBALL ITALIANE (AFP) – The most sought-after football boots in the world can be bought in a day or two, a new research project has found.

The research, by Italian fashion brand Fragrance, found a wide variety of shoes on the market today and found that one in six could be found in the wrong size, colour or brand.

Its researchers compared shoe sizes to the latest football boots, and found many were made with very small sizes.

One in six shoes, which were made from the same materials, could be too small, the study said.

The study also found shoes made from nylon and other synthetic materials were often sold as “sport” boots, with sizes ranging from 4.5 to 8.5.

The shoes made for the Olympics were found to be slightly too small and could be mistaken for tennis shoes, said study co-author Giancarlo Capriotti.

They could also be made from cheap plastic, and could come in different colours.

Fragrance is one of Italy’s biggest fashion brands, and has made a name for itself with fashion shows for men and women, but the brand has struggled to break into the fashion market in recent years.

Its shoe catalogue is dominated by men’s shoes, but it also sells sports shoes and shoes for women.

The new study is based on data from Fragrance’s online shoes marketplace.

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