How to eat your vegetables for less

Foodstuffs has announced that it will sell its own range of vegetable seeds and vegetables in a move to cut down on the cost of fresh produce.

The chain is also rolling out a new product line for its customers, offering its own vegetable seed and vegetable seeds at a lower price.

It has already announced that customers can now order fresh organic tomatoes, as well as fresh green beans and organic peas from its website, as part of a range of new products.

However, the move comes as the chain is in the midst of a massive overhaul.

It is cutting back on the number of employees and has been reducing the number and size of its stores to meet customer demand, and has even reduced the number it sells to.

The company has also begun a new, “leaner” strategy, which it says will make the food it sells more cost-effective.

It also announced a move towards the “big-data” of its customers.

It said it will introduce its “first ever biometric chip” in the “coming months”, which will allow customers to use a smartphone app to track the amount of time they spend on each product.

This will allow it to deliver better value to its customers and the wider food industry.

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