How to get the best food in Australia

With so many people now going to the supermarket for food, the demand for local ingredients is growing.

But for now, it is the small-scale farms and producers that are taking a hit as a result of the global supply chains that are increasingly being closed.

“There’s a lot of frustration out there.

People are feeling like they can’t buy food they want in Australia because the food is getting too expensive, too hard to source, too little supply,” food researcher Peter Coates said.”

I think that’s a pretty big challenge for small farmers, especially those in the South East.”

We’re getting an average of 10,000 people in a farm each day that are not in farming and just want to be able to buy some food that is locally produced, locally sourced and that has a decent price.””

It’s going to be very hard for us to meet those needs.

“For small farmers and small businesses, that’s the only way to survive in the next couple of years.”

The ABC spoke to a number of small-to-medium farmers in the NT who are struggling with this crisis.

“Our primary goal is to provide quality, nutritious food for people to enjoy,” farmer and farmer-in-training, David Cope, told the ABC.

“It means that when we go to the shop and get something from the supermarket, we buy it locally, and it’s the local product, so that it is as close to local as possible.”

The challenge for farmers and producers like Mr Cope is that the market is saturated with high-priced imported food.

“The price of imported food is not high enough to justify the quality and quantity of food that we produce and feed our community,” Mr Cose said.

Farmers in the area have also been hit by a major food price increase.

“What has happened over the past few years is that there has been a big increase in the price of a single commodity, wheat, and we’re really struggling to feed the community,” he said.

Mr Cope said he had been able to provide his own food in the past and had no problems finding suppliers.

“People in the small business world who don’t have the financial resources to purchase that food, they just go and buy it at the supermarket and it just doesn’t seem worth it,” he told the Australian.

But that isn’t the case for many small- to medium-sized farmers in regional Australia.

“This is an economic crisis that is affecting a lot more than just the food industry,” Mr Coates told the BBC.

“You’ve got the farmers that are getting the cuts, you’ve got people that are seeing prices go up and up and they’re just going to have to move on to something else.”

They’re just looking for something that is more affordable.

“What to do if you’re facing a food crisis:The ABC’s Food Survival Guide is a resource for food producers and consumers who want to stay ahead of the food crisis.

You can access it at: about foodstuff distribution centre source Fox Sports title What to do in a food disaster article The ABC’s food survival guide for the region covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of buying and selling food to how to get prepared for a food emergency.

Food Safety is the name given to the safety procedures required by a food industry, such as preparing food, packaging it, storing it and handling it.

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