How to make a wobbly waffle without using a bread roll

Lai Kee is a popular Taiwanese waffle maker, but its wobbley style makes it hard to make the waffle the perfect waffle.

In fact, a recent Food Trends feature on waffle makers said it’s too difficult to make one.

Now, Lai says it’s taking some major steps to improve its waffle making.

Lai is introducing a new dough recipe that won’t require a waffle roll to make. 

The new recipe is made using wheat flour, a grain that’s typically made into waffles, as opposed to the yeast used in traditional waffles.

This new recipe, which is the same as the one Lai used in the Food Trends article, comes with an optional egg white for extra sweetness and a hint of sour cream to balance the waffles flavor.

The new dough has been available for months, but it’s only now being tested by Lai’s waffle-makers. 

“I really appreciate their patience with me and my team to test the new recipe,” Lai told ABC News. 

Lai is taking some big steps to help waffle aficionados. 

Its new waffle recipe is no longer wheat flour.

Instead, the company is using a yeast made from wheat, rye, and corn. 

 In the article, Lien says the new dough is made with the same ingredients that have been used to make waffles for decades.

The new dough comes in at 7.5 pounds (2.6 kilograms), which means it’s much lighter than the previous version, which weighed more than 10 pounds (3 kilograms).

The new waffles can be made in batches of 10, Lain says. 

With more and more people turning to waffles to satisfy their waffle cravings, Liao says the company’s waffles will continue to expand, adding that it will be bringing more varieties to its waffles and waffles with cream cheese. 

And if you can’t wait, Lau says there are other options. 

He says there’s a new wafer that can be used in waffles made with corn syrup and cinnamon instead of wheat flour or rye flour. 

But don’t worry, the new wafers won’t be a substitute for traditional wafes. 

A new recipe made from yeast from wheat is also being added to Lai Kai’s wafer making lineup, and it will also be available in a wafer with the company name on it.

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