How to prepare al sayers foodstuff for export

TAMARA, Bangladesh — Al-Sayers foodstuffs are manufactured on a small scale at a plant in a Bangladeshi city.

The factory is only a few kilometers from a border checkpoint and, at its busiest times, produces up to 60,000 al-Sayer containers a day.

But when the border police raided the factory on March 6, they found that a company was actually making foodstuff and exporting it to Europe and the United States.

The police arrested the company’s CEO, Mohammed Ali al-Zahra, for “selling and making foodstuff,” a crime that carries a penalty of 10 years in prison.

Al-Zohra was also accused of running a trade network of al-Qassam Brigades fighters in the eastern province of Mombasa, according to the police report.

The police seized nearly 500 containers of al Sayer, which can be sold for about $40 apiece at local markets.

The goods can be purchased at several outlets, including supermarkets and drugstores.

The report says that the al-Tawhid warehouse is the main source of foodstuff to al-Qaida in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), a designated terrorist organization that has conducted several deadly attacks against Bangladesi security forces.AQISTAR, Bangladesh – As Bangladese authorities continue to push back against a deadly crackdown on AQIS militants in Mombassa, they have uncovered an al-Qaeda trade network that is shipping al-Thani foodstacks to Europe, according the police.

The alleged trade network has been the focus of a crackdown by authorities in recent months, including raids in which the Bangladeshas national security forces have killed AQIS members.

Al-Sayeri, a subcontinentwide foodstuff company, has been implicated in several deadly AQIS attacks, including a deadly January 2016 bombing that killed more than 30 people in Mabrak, an impoverished district of the Bangladeesi capital.

The blast was allegedly carried out by AQIS fighters who wanted to sell the al Sayeri foodstamp to an Italian-run restaurant.

The restaurant, called the “Tamara,” is located in a slum, where al-Kharabir shops, a common sight in Mumbasa, are often closed due to the threat of attacks by AQis.

The al-Sarabian restaurant also sells al- Sayeri foods.

In an interview with the police, a local resident said that he had noticed that the Al-Thanis foodstamps, made in India, were being sent to markets in the Mombas, and that a group of AQIS recruits were selling them at the market.

The local residents alleged that the group was using a fake identity to smuggle the foodsticks through the border, the report said.

The local resident alleged that AQIS is selling al- Thani foodstuff in Mambas as well as in Bangladesh and the Indian border areas.

The source of al Thani’s foodstamping supplies was unknown, the police said.

According to a Bangladeeshan official, the al Thanis are a local branch of AQ, which is designated a terrorist organization by the United Nations.

However, the official said that AQ is not the largest group that has been active in the country.

Al Sayeri has also been linked to several attacks in Bangladesh, including the suicide bombings of two upscale restaurants in Dhaka and a mall in Kolkata, on January 23, 2017.

The Bangladesh Home Ministry said that the two suicide attacks on the upscale Dhaka restaurant and the mall in the capital killed at least 36 people and injured more than 150 others.

The Mumbas Police said that two other suicide attacks in the city killed at the same time at a crowded market and a shopping mall, as well a car bomb blast that targeted a public bus.

Al Thani also has been linked with the bombing of a car in Kondikala, a poor area of Kolkara, on April 7, 2017, killing at least 17 people.

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