The Lad: ‘A little bit of the world is like a little bit’

The Lad has a story to tell, and it is one of those stories that speaks to people in all walks of life.

It is about the journey, it is about living and dying, it has been about love and war, it was about what it meant to be an Australian.

For almost 20 years, The Lad have been making a living from a small number of stories.

And on Wednesday, the series’ creator and star John Witherspoon will be making his debut as a guest on Q&A.

His new book, A Little Bit of the World, is an exploration of the life of an Australian family.

But it also offers an explanation of how this story of Australian families living in the middle of nowhere can resonate with Australians.

“I wanted to tell a little story that Australian people are telling about themselves and about the people who are part of their lives, about what we do, what we think,” he told Q&A’s Steve Bruschett.

“It is a little piece of Australia, it’s an Australian story.”

So how did it come about?

“I started thinking about it in the early 1990s.

I wanted to do a little thing that Australian Australians are doing, and I thought, what about making it a little less like a big book, and a little more like a movie,” he said.”

What if it was a little book of little stories?

What if we put some of our own stories into it, and make it a bit more personal and different and more real and relatable?”

His story begins when John and his wife, Lorna, and their four children, Lillian, Louise, Michael and Hannah, moved to a small town outside Sydney.

The first thing they noticed was the people.

“We would come in and there would be no sign, and you’d hear them talking about their lives.

And you would have this sense of awe,” John said.

They found it fascinating, and so did the people around them.

As the book was being written, Lillian began researching the Australian culture, and discovered the country’s story of isolation, separation and isolationism.

She was fascinated by the “bizarre” people who lived here, and she began to read a lot about the country.

“And she found this wonderful piece of literature called The Lad,” John explained.

The Lad is a short novel about two boys and their friends who lived on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean.

Its story, as the book’s title suggests, is about a boy named Jax and his sister, Sarah.

John was drawn to it, so he asked his family for advice.

“So my dad, who is also the author, he said, ‘You know, the Lad has two main characters: Jax the boy and Sarah the girl,'” John said, laughing.

“He said, I think I’m going to do it.'”

He was a bit of a madman.

But he said to his wife Lornam, ‘you should read it, Lottie.

And then I think he was very good, I actually went through the book and it was great’.

“In the book, the boys are all living in a tent on a small island called Rookwood, and they’re all part of the same community.

But for the next few years, Jax is lonely and desperate.

Sarah is a mother, and her son, Jake, is a school teacher, and the other boys are struggling to make ends meet.

After the book is published, the family has to make a choice.

What happens to them?”

We have to decide what to do,” John explains.”

We go to the beach, and we find that they are all in love with one another, they are trying to be good parents, and all of these things are going to be in danger if they stay together.

So we have to leave, and there’s a choice, and what happens to the kids?

And the choice is to do something to make it better, and to get away from that island.

“John decided to start a blog, called The Jax Blog, where he would share his thoughts and experiences, and give a glimpse of the island and its people.

He had already been writing about the island’s life in a book called The Adventures of the Jax Family, and he was also working on his first novel, The Diary of the Sea Monkey, about the life on the island.”

The idea that there was a diary of a diary, and then to have it be part of a book, was so crazy, that it didn’t really make sense, he says.

“When you’re writing a book like this, you don’t think about the characters and the plotline, you think about what’s

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