‘The world is a cruel place’: How the world treats animals

The world is full of animals.

It’s also full of humans who don’t understand how animals are treated.

Animal rights activists have been calling for animal rights advocates to change their approach, and for the food industry to stop selling products that are made with animals.

For a long time, animal rights activists were pushing for a more humane approach to farming and animal welfare.

But in the past few years, there’s been a shift in the animal rights community away from being about animals and towards being about a new paradigm of animal welfare: the animal advocacy movement.

That’s why the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has been working to create a new animal advocacy model that will be able to address animal welfare issues as well as other problems with animal agriculture.

“The shift in activism towards animal welfare was brought about by people who were tired of the cruelty and abuse of animals and wanted to do something to change that,” said Laura Matson, an HSUS member and senior staff attorney.

There are some parallels between this shift and the way animal advocates have shifted their activism over the years.

In the 1990s, animal activists focused on raising awareness about the cruelty of factory farming, as well the suffering and death of farm animals.

In the 2000s, that shifted to focus on issues like factory farming and egg manufacturing.

The HSUS has long been an advocate for animal welfare and the environment.

But the way they’ve shifted their focus has been a huge change for the animal activist community.

Now, HSUS is working to change the animal advocates’ approach from being a way to raise awareness about animal cruelty and welfare to being a tool to empower the movement to change attitudes towards animals.

It’s also a shift that’s been spurred by a new generation of animal activists who are coming of age.

Matson said she believes this new generation will change the way activists work to improve animal welfare, but she said the animal activists still have a long way to go to be effective advocates.

She said the HSUS and other animal advocates need to work together to develop strategies that work with a wide range of people, from the largest corporations to the smallest farmers.

They need to engage in public relations and get people involved, so that when people hear about the animal issues, they know that we are addressing issues and we are thinking about animal welfare in a positive way.

That’s the challenge for the HSU, she said.

So, when we have this kind of shift in leadership, we have to be ready to work with them.

“The animal advocacy community needs to embrace that,” she said, “and be willing to move forward in ways that are consistent with the needs of animals, and not just to move on.”

Matson is the executive director of the HSUs Animal Legal Defense Fund, which advocates for animal justice and the rights of animals in the U.S. This story was updated to include a statement from the Humane Council.

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