How to avoid a $3 billion lawsuit: Find out the best deals on food

A lawsuit against a Florida-based supermarket chain over food labels has been dismissed by a federal judge, after a judge found that the plaintiffs did not allege that the products contained GMOs.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Florida in Tampa ruled Friday that plaintiffs did “not allege that GMOs were present in any of the products sold by [Alma Foodstuff] and that there is no evidence that the plaintiff’s products contain GMOs.”

Alma was not immediately available for comment.

Alma’s lawsuit was filed against the chain in December 2014 after it was forced to discontinue its flagship grocery store in South Florida because of concerns over the presence of GMOs in its products.

The suit claimed that Alma’s product packaging contained labels stating that its products contained no GMOs, but that the company later admitted that those labels were not accurate.

Almas has not responded to The Associated Press’ requests for comment, and the company is not currently listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.

In a statement to the AP, Almas said that the product labels are misleading and “inherently false.”

“Alma Foods is committed to producing quality food that is safe for consumers to enjoy and sell,” the statement read.

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