Why you should eat your foodstuff out of the fridge

Foodstuffs has released a new podcast series called “Foodstuffs: Recipes for Life” to tell the story of the foodstuff we all love and love to hate.

In each episode, Foodstills creators, Matthew Denton and James Bower, tell the stories behind the food we love, the foodstuffs we hate, and what we can do to change our food habits.

“Food Stuffs” is the first of its kind in the UK and it will be released on Thursday.

 “We’re really excited to be launching this podcast series, because we love talking about foodstuff, and it’s a really exciting time for us, because people are starting to take the opportunity to understand what the food they eat is, and how it’s made,” said Mr Denton.

“Foodstills is a way for us to give a new voice to the food that we love.”

Foodstamps, the £1.4 billion food stamp scheme, aims to help people in low-income households with basic needs, including food.

It was created by the Government in 2020 and has since expanded to cover the wider UK.

A key part of Foodstamps is the Food Bank.

In 2017-18, the Government set a target to cut the number of people in the food stamp system to 12 per cent of the population by 2021.

Foodbanks are run by charities such as Oxfam, The RSPCA and the World Food Programme.

They provide food to low- and middle-income families, but also provide assistance with rent, heating and transport.

As well as foodstamps and the Foodbank, Mr Dennett and Mr Bower also tackle issues around homelessness, the environment and the rights of women and children.

In each episode Foodstalls takes a different approach to food.

Each episode focuses on a different issue, from the impact of the weather on our crops to the health of our animals, and features an expert panel including food writer, food and farming historian and chef Simon Stacey.

Each episode also features a discussion with food-industry figures and experts.

For more information about Foodstuff: Recipes For Life, visit www.foodstills.com.au/podcasts

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