What do you need to know about foodstuff delivery?

Glenncoe hours is a local business that makes delivery of food from restaurants and food banks around the city.

The hours are 6:30am to 7:00pm every day.

You can also take out a delivery if you need it, they said.

The company has partnered with local food bank, St John’s Food Bank and the City of Glencoe to help with the food needs of Glenecolts food bank clients.

Glencoe Hours owner, Paul Clements said the number of people who use the service is increasing.

“We’ve got a couple of hundred people that are in the Glencoe hours that we’ve just launched and we’ve got another two or three that are coming in,” he said.

“Our customers are getting food out of their homes, we’re getting them to go grocery shopping.

It’s a great thing.”

Glenecoltans food bank manager, Anna Brown said the service has been good for the local community.

“It’s been really good for people, the whole community that’s in Glencoe, the homeless, people with disabilities, those who are working on their degrees,” she said.

Mr Clements hopes the service will spread to other areas of the city and said he would like to see the service extended to other businesses in the future.

“Hopefully, it can grow into more restaurants, it’s a really good thing for people,” he added.

Foodstuffs Delivery is based in New Zealand.

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