What we know about a new Munah factory that is making chicken meat for the UK

By Andrew WalkerThe factory is the biggest in the UK and it will start producing chicken meat in March 2018, with the UK Government intending to use the plant as a feedstock for pork and beef for the next 20 years.

It has been a long-running project that was kicked off by the US in 2014 and was originally designed to make chicken meat from waste chicken carcasses.

But the plant is now the biggest chicken meat producer in the world.

The factory, known as Munah, is being built on an existing chicken meat factory in Nottinghamshire, with a site in the Welsh county of Powys.

The company has said it is seeking to build a plant that will be able to produce as much as 5 million tonnes of chicken a year.

It says it will also make beef and pork, and that the final product will be ready for sale by the end of 2018.

The plant is owned by the Scottish Government, with its shares held by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The UK Government said the plant would create up to 800 jobs and was aiming to have it operational by 2022.

The government has also been pushing for the production of chicken meat to be moved to the UK from elsewhere in Europe, where it is often cheaper.

In a statement, a spokesman said:”We want to export the chicken to the world, but we need to ensure that it meets the health and welfare requirements of the UK market, and also to ensure it is safe for our own chicken and its feed.”

This is why we have announced that our plans for the future of this chicken meat plant will be developed and implemented in the coming years.

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